Our Practice Leads

Micheal Vainauskas – Enterprise Risk Management

Mr Michael has a comprehensive background in financial services, extending back to 1983 and covering business, operational, compliance, legal and risk related responsibilities, from line-staff positions through to executive management level within a decentralised and centralised framework. He has previous held various senior positions including Chief Risk Officer at PT Commonwealth Bank Indonesia, Head of Consumer Credit Risk at AVCO Finance and General Manager & Chief Risk Officer at AGC, St George Bank and Westpac Bank.

Mr Michael has been involved in consumer risk management since 1991 and has performed functions in sales, lending, collections, area management, compliance, systems development/implementation and project management within Australia and the United States. He was most recently the Head of Risk Operations within the International Financial Services (IFS) Division of the Commonwealth Bank and responsible for managing and supporting all risk management functions of the IFS businesses which include China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam.


Liam Dai – Business Integration & Transformation

Mr Liam serves as a board member of the Investment and Risk Committee of A.A.A Global Group, Precision Procurement, PackLite and Dainamic Enterprise. He is also Executive Chairman of iBTN Group and Non-Executive Director of PrimeConnect Group. He has over 23 years experience in trade international, financial services and business consulting. Prior to founding A.A.A Global Group, he was appointed the President of International Cambodia Holding and also Chairman of Australasia Business International Ltd in 1993. From 1989 and 2013, he held various senior positions at Colonial, National Bank, Colonial, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Bank and BT Financial Group.


Murray MacDonald – Strategic Information Management

Mr Murray has over 35 years experience in all facets of financial services, telecommunications and information technology industry. Between 1972 and present, he has held various senior positions in National Bank, Westpac Bank, ANZ Bank, Telstra, Vodafone, Optus, Mastersoft, Datalyn, University of Sydney and Department of Justice & Attorney General. He has a broad expertise in the areas of establishing data quality governance and policies for standards,  data migration & integration, strategic information management & maturity model frameworks combined with strong project and change management.


Trang Dai – Risk-based Audit & ERP

Ms Trang has over 23 years experiences across various sectors including financial services, health care, transport & logistic, travel and gaming. From 1999 to present, she has held various senior management roles in the treasury, risk-based auditing, operational risks management, corporate governance and ERP Colgate-Pamolive, Johnson & Johnson, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, Chubb Electronic Security, Travelport, Stargames, Weight Watchers, Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific, Barclays Global Investors, Goodman Fielder and Hotel Club. She currently serves as an Executive Director of Precision Procurement.


Duyen Tran – Enterprise Performance Management

Ms Duyen has over 24 years experience in banking & finance financial services industry spanning across retail & business operations, corporate shared services, finance & risk solutions. She has had a long career at Westpac Bank & BT Financial Group, and been responsible for strategic business performance development, business architecture design, market research & competitor analysis and business information governance for standards. She serves as a board member of the Risk Committee of A.A.A Global Group and an executive director of PackLite. She is currently the CEO of IBTN.


Kevin Kok – Project & Change Management

Mr Kevin is an IT professional with over 25 years in Australian and international wealth and banking companies. His experiences are cumulated over the years in various key roles in Business Analysis, Project & Program Manager and Application Service Management. Kevin’s key focus is in project delivery to achieve the right outcomes for his clients. His industry experiences are in trading, fund accounting and custodian services, mergers and acquisitions, banking finance and IT risk management. He has also led and supported teams in developing technology strategies and target operating models that are practical and achievable for the right business strategy.

He serves the liaison between the project managers and senior business & IT executives and also in an individual contributor by managing particular high-visibility or critical programs across Westpac Bank and BT Financial Group. Mr Kok has a strong understanding of all business objectives and needs, driving strategic plans and objectives. His philosophy is what measurable can be deliverable.


Vu Tran – Security & Fraud Management

Mr Vu has over 20 years experience in professional security in all industrial business environment including high value products manufacturing, petrol, banking, warehouse and transportation. His expertise is in the fields of dynamic leadership and decisive security management acumen; security risk assessment; collaborate with authority agencies, private sector officials and personnel to develop, design, deliver and implement highly effective security programs initiatives.

Mr Vu has an excellent knowledge of security investigative and management in criminal and civil matters including employee theft, product counterfeiting, substance abuse, workplace violence, bribes, kickbacks, and other forms of financial fraud. He has been in various senior roles at Intel, Verint, BP, Exon Mobil, PPF, Pelco and Emprire.


Khoa Nguyen (B.ActStu) – Market Research & Actuarial Analysis

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