Project Assurance & Management

Within today’s business environment, project board members and other key stakeholders involved in sponsoring and governing delivery initiatives at any level face a challenge

The majority of project outcomes can be categorised  into one of three (3) outcome types:

  1. Success: a project is completed on time, within budget, and has met all original specifications;
  2. Challenged: a project is completed, however cost & time are overrun, and has not met all original specifications;
  3. Failure: a project was abandoned or cancelled due to conflicting or differing assurance approaches.

Our experienced consultants are able to measure the health of a project and what techniques can be adopted to provide consistent and reliable assessments of the likelihood that a project is to achieve its objectives.

shutterstock_27167644_manysolutions_optUsing the project assurance framework, we undertake a systematic approach to assuring the success and providing for:

  • independent reviews and assessments of plans, associated control frameworks, and overall performance;
  • independent assessments of technical aspects of the project, such as systems engineering, quality control, technologies, organisational change management and transition plans;
  • participating in project quality reviews and audits as required.

Unlike traditional management consulting firms, our consultants work closely with clients’ business & IT leaders to plan, organise and manage resources to bring about the successful completion of a specific set of objectives (covering business technology, finance, risk management and human resources and all lines of business). We primarily focus on two (2) activities:

  1. project planning – to frame the scope of the project, estimate the work, identify risks and create a delivery change plan;
  2. project monitoring and control – to measure progress and keep stakeholders informed of the project’s progress.


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