Business Performance Management

shutterstock_39127237_AnalyzingFinancialReport_optManaging in uncertain times is becoming the norm for both private and public sectors. As sector reform and increased competitive pressures continue to squeeze already tight operating revenue and expense, the ability to effectively define, communicate and align the organization around its strategy is becoming a business imperative. We identify there is a strong link between strategy development, planning and execution that require more integrated financial and operational sales planning activity along with appropriate KPI development and monitoring in the form of scorecards for all levels of the organisation.

Our consultants work with our clients’ business & IT leaders as a catalyst to re-evaluate  broader existing multi-faceted processes. We develop, design and implement frameworks and tools that support, align and drive business outcome focusing on three (3) critical areas:-

  • Strategy Formulation – Where do we want to go as an organization?
  • Strategy Alignment – How do we get there?
  • Performance Monitoring – Are we achieving the results we planned for?

In particular, our consultants ensure to establish a strong partnership with business unit finance and improve these key areas:-

  • Defining key performance indicator (financial & non-financial) and operating metrics
  • Reducing the time it takes to complete the budget
  • Optimising the planning & forecasting process and deploying rolling forecasts
  • Getting a better handle on measuring and understanding profitability
  • Publishing more relevant, meaningful & insightful information to users
  • Deploying robust reporting platform to deliver  information on demand via any browser or mobile device, or distributed automatically (including e-mail delivery)


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